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To Make Your Next Event Extra Special & Memorable Have Valet 4 ME There.

Valet 4 ME :

110 Marginal Way #967
Portland, ME 04101
Phone Number : (207)329-1805
Email :

Don't be this guy, use Valet 4 ME. Parking, the way it should be.

Here lies an urban gentleman
Who failed to make his mark,
He died with his lifetime squandered,
Hunting some place to park.
(Poet Omar Barker 1946)

Dear Carl,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do!

I am ashamed I didn’t think of it first.  Really,  The biggest no brainer business idea in Portland.  What really makes you so different than any other valet in New York or Chicago is that you help the business get business.  You know their menu and what they do; you are loyal and you not only support their business, you promote it.  I am so impressed with the folks you hire and the work you do.  My car always comes back cleaner than it left being dropped off.  I almost wonder, “why?”  You go above and beyond; your chivalrous employees, professional attitude and big smiles are so nice to see. 

Winter of 2013, it was snow storm Nemo, and I drove in circles looking for parking at a local restaurant to meet a friend who worked near-by that restaurant.  I spent 10 minutes looking for parking (long enough in my book) and finally I told them to get in my car, change of plans, “we’re going someplace with Valet,” and you were out there in the rain and snow.  Unbelievably  convenient. Thank you for working that cold miserable night.

I am absolutely more inclined to take my business where you offer Valet, than anywhere else that requires me to look for parking.  I only arrive frustrated when I am wasting time and dealing with traffic.
Thank you for providing this service, and thank you for doing it better than anyone else. 

Huge fan.

Colby Colarossi

Benefits of Valet Parking 
for your Restaurant:

-Enhance Customer Service
-Uniform valet attendants create the impression of luxury
-Increased Parking Capacity
-Reduced Parking Lot Complaints
-Better Service for the Handicapped and Elderly
-Parking lot Safety, Security and Order
-A sense of customer commitment
-A live Marketing agent outside the door, inviting customers in, and promoting your restaurant
-We will help your guests with directions, wait times and menu questions

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