• Valet parking adds prestige
  • Help keep your restaurant customers on schedule
  • Improves the flow of traffic
  • Takes undo pressure of your host or hostess
  • Allow customers to arrive without delay
  • Provides the utmost safety for your customer & their vehicles
  • Maximize  parking area - as your restaurant grows,  valet parking will solve parking problems.
When you hire Valet 4 ME to provide valet parking services you can expect professional and fully trained valet parking attendants with a primary focus on exceptional customer service

Restaurant Valet Service
        Valet 4 ME has highly trained personnel who can provide your clients with the next level of service. Our staff will greet all of your guests with a smile. As well as:
      -Maintain order and control in the parking lot & outside your establishment
      -Impress your guests/customers
      -Add class at an affordable price and let your establishment be unique.

When you hire Valet 4 ME  you no longer have to worry about your customers convenience. We have it under control.
 Wedding Valet Service
        Let us provide quality service during your service.  Dressed to a tee, our staff will be:
      -Respectful on your momentous day
      -Help guests get to the main event quicker
      -Provide structure by guiding guests to restrooms, the service itself and points of interest 

Let us handle the legwork, on your special day.
 Special Event Valet Service
        Valet 4 ME will handle all special events, coordinate efforts with a venue to provide the best possible service while remaining quick and efficient when it is time for your guests to leave.  We handle events such as:
      -Birthday Parties, Sweet Sixteens, Company BBQ's, Conferences, Diner Parties,
      Conventions, Etc.

Let us handle the legwork, on your special day. 
Funeral Valet Service
        Valet 4 ME will always handle the service for your loved one with the utmost respect
and consideration.  Don't let parking be an additional worry on that difficult and sorrowful day.



Benefits to your Valued Customers
Avoid Parking Hassles  -  Available Parking at All Times  -  Front Door Drop off and Pick up
Enhanced Dining Experience  -  A sense of Accommodation and Comfort  -  Increased Safety and Security
Vehicle Climate Control (Warm in winter, cool in summer)  -  Avoid Inclement Weather

Valet 4 ME
110 Marginal Way #967
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 329-1805 
Carlloomis@Valet 4 ME.net

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